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We do so much in domestic and international transportation/shipping and have assisted many small, medium & large clients in number of year been in this industry.

This has made us gain a vast knowledge in the domain to assist & consult to companies who are expanding in this trade lane, software companies who are developing programs for this industry, management who wish to evaluate & organize their departments & consultants who wish to brainstorm ideas before implementing.

We get to manage logistics of multiple clients exposing us to understand their softwares, procedures, strategies and difficulties thus bringing us expertise in this trade. Our input can be very useful to the expansion, planning, software selections, programming, distribution etc.. Our niche and the intelligence saves time, efforts, money & bring latest knowledge, if considered as a consultant.

We always have a collaborative approach to transport planning, founding and development. This is an approach that delivers integrated transport solutions that meet the needs of customers. Also we do consultations for many categories like programs, policies and projects according to specific scope, process and consultation principles. No successful freight policy is possible without proper consultation with freight companies, with local business groups and their public stakeholders too. Freight portal is an essential feature of a good communication with their operators and other stakeholders. In urban freight transport, it provides information on truck access and delivery regulations, the provision

LCL cargo

Method A

Ocean Freight Carrier (NVOCC)

Being a neutral ocean common carrier, Air7Seas' LCL & FCL shipping services benefits every international Shippers in many unique ways

Our NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) authority in USA by FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) gives a great benefit to international shipping community.
Know-How & Benefits

*One carrier for all foreign countries' destinations.
*Knowledge of shipping lines serving particular regions & their strength & weakness.
*Choice of multiple sailings available through number of carriers.
*Services of Origin & Destination to provide Door to Door move under one carrier's liability.
*Availability of shipping lines (liners) with Fastest &/or Cheapest transit time to every trade lane.
*Commercial, Regulatory, Customs, Banking, Hazardous (Hazmat), Perishable products Documentation.

Method B

Bill of Lading facilitation

Switch Bill of Lading (BL) facility is made much simpler & cost savings Through Bill of Lading to help negotiate documents for early payment of your merchandize Service from Door or Port under one Bill of Lading which most of the liners hesitate providing
Exclusive benefits

*Shipping goods to far destinations which either carriers don't serve or send their equipments
*Extended Free Time for equipment detention at origin/destination than carriers
*Special equipments (Tanks, Open Tops, Flat Beds etc.) availability when carrier fails to provide
*Transportation of SOC (Shipper Owned Containers) to any world port
*Roundtrip/One-way moves for Leased or SOC equipments & their management

Method C

Operational advantages

*Moving Commodities those are refused to carry by carriers in their own containers
*Space availability when shipping lines are refusing space
*Cross Trade shipping - When shipper is not in either From or To countries
*Transhipping the goods thru an intermediate port to final destination either in same or different container using multiple carriers
*In-Bond transhipping the goods via USA to nabor countries either in same or different container
*Transportation via transloading cargo from marine container to domestic trailer by rail/road

Utilizing SOC vs COC can be beneficial (some requires prior approval)

*to Ports where customs/government processing takes >5 days
*to return empty containers to nearest OTI's depot rather than bringing to carrier's port terminal
*load maximum as allowed in container
*to specialized equipment or converted for special use i.e. Water purification, research etc.
*to move commodity refused by carrier to ship in COC (Carrier Owned Container/equipment)
*for commodities which could take longer in clearanceScrap, Autos, Vehicles, Machineries, Raw Materials, Personal/Household Goods etc.
*for shipping your own or other's merchandize
*to destinations in the countries don't have sea ports & regular/normal service

Afghanistan (via Bandar Abbas, Port Qasim or Poti), Bhutan (via Kolkata), Iraq, Laos (via Viet nam), Nepal (Kathmandu via Kolkata), Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), & remote Islands